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History begins from 1891

The Suguna Vilasa Sabha was established in Madras as a theatre company in the year 1891 in a house in Georgetown. In 1902, the Sabha moved to the Victoria Public Hall from where it functioned from 1902 to 1936, when it moved to Mount Road. In 1945, the Sabha built its own theatre, the New Theatre. As stage dramas began to decline after the Second World War, the Sabha transformed into a social club

A Brief History

In the summer of the year 1891, The Bellary Sarasavinodhini Sabha under the leadership of the late Mr. D.Krishnamacharlu, who has been deservedly praised as the father of Telugu Dramatic Literature, paid a visit to Madras and gave a series of brilliant performances, in Telugu, at the Victoria Public Hall. This was the first Amateur Dramatic society which gave performances in a vernacular language; till then amateur theatricals by indians was confined to a few performances of Shakespare's works, by school boy's societies. Naturally this new departure created a stir among the lovers of the Stage-both aged and young, and especially the young.

As a result, a preliminary meeting was held of all those interested, at the premises then know as Mr.Zacheas School, at which Mr.(now Rao Bahadur) P.M.Sivagnanam Mudaliar presided. About 30 to 40 attended, mostly school boys, and some speeches were made advocating the starting of an Amateur Dramatic Society in Madras on the lines of the Bellary Society. At the conclusion of the meeting a list was opened and those present who approved of the movement and who were prepared to join in starting an Amateur Dramatic Society for Madras were requested to sign in it and the following 7 signed it:- Messers.T.Jayaram Naicker, (Rao Bahadur) P. Sambandam Mudaliar, V. Venkatakrishna Naidu, A. Venkatakrishna Pillai, W. Muthukumaraswami Chettiar, G.E.Sampath Chetti and Mr. P.C.Subramania Pillai.

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